Photos of our Furry Friends, Celebrities and Advertising
We love to show our Daxies to everyone and regularly feature
our favourite pictures from friends, other sites and social media.
© Byron Arnold
© Dolly Delacour
Oreo © Eric Berge
© Peter Clinch & Chip
Pixbay 004
© unknown
© pets4homes
© Olivia Camden
© Kennel 'Rude'
© Little Pumpkins Photography
© justdogbreeds
Caught in the act © Harlow & Sage
© easypetmd
© Suzanne Mead
© dreamwallpaper
© Timeline Photos 006
© unknown
© Alex Naylor Photography
© Jess Gougeon
© Garry Foulkes 001
© unknown 02
© Amelia Judson
© Jo McGauley
© Alan Gates 002
© Brei Tesoriero
© Stephen Sagi 001
© Emilie Danis
© Bettina May
© Teena Smith
© Rebecca Pois Harling
© Sonja Smit
© Jen Lynch 004
© Nita Randall
© David Churchill 001
© Vivienne de Saxe-Hayes 001
© Lydia Elaine

Photos rotate every 3 seconds. Click on each image to enlarge.

Dean Stockwell
Texas Rangers & Dachshund © detonate
E B White
Adolphe Menjou - silent screen actor
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
Carole Lombard
David Hockney
Doris Day
Gary Cooper
Jacques Cousteau
Brigitte Bardot
Elizabeth Taylor
HM the Queen Mother
Pablo Picasso
William Randolph Hearst
PG Wodehouse
John F Kennedy 02
Marilyn Monroe
Leonard Nimoy
Elizabeth Windsor and Family
Frida Kahlo
George Harrison
Joan Crawford 03
Marlon Brando
John Wayne
Julie Andrews
David Bowie
Clint Eastwood
Clark Gable
Andy Warhol
William Powell
Audrey Hepburn
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Celebrities and their Dachshunds
How many of these did you know?
this beer belongs to my master
frankenmuth beer
Dog show in Berlin 1905
dash dog food
cape island yacht sales
naturalizer shoes
pedigree dog food
whirlpool washers
k9 krunchies
zippo lighters
ken l special cuts
hp sauce
general tires
Dachshunds in Advertising
A collection of historical images with some familiar brands.
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