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Brighton Sausage Meet - another great turnout

Another great turnout for the Brighton and Hove area monthly Sausage Meet in bright sunshine, although a little cold in the shade. I would guestimate there was around 60+ daxies of all varieties, plus a couple of honorary dachshunds.

It was a lovely couple of hours seeing all our furry friends and a few who are especially close to our hearts, plus good chats with all their human staff ! Haha.

For those in our area the Sausage Meet is held the first Sunday of every month at 12.00 midday at the Clocktower in Preston Park, Brighton, UK. If you are ever in the area at the right time, you are very welcome to come and meet the crazy Daxies, who absolutely love the chance to run-free and socialise with their friends. It doesn't matter if you don't have a Dax, you are still welcome as we know your will very soon become addicted to Dachshund Love <3

Further details are posted in Brightondachs Facebook group page at:

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