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Beware Rawhide Chews

This is not new information, but when posted on Facebook, etc. quickly moves down the page.

So to keep it in the spotlight I am posting it here.

To be absolutely fair, it is primarily the rawhide chews that come from China. But please be aware that approx 75% of all rawhide dog chews in the UK, Europe and the US are actually imported from China and many are re-branded - so plaese read the labels very carefully on 'point of origin/manufactured in . . .' information and make up your own minds.

I would just add that Twiglet had a rawhide 'bone' when she was about 18 months old and luckily I was present as she started choking on the softened chew that had gone soggy but was still in one piece. I quickly pulled it out of her mouth and found it was way down her throat - so for me it is definitely No More Rawhide Chews.

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