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Amazing Original Artworks by Li Tie

Our friend and fellow Daxie lover, Brett Penn, posted in Dachshund Only Group a few days ago about a local artist in Portland, by the name of Li Tie, who produces amazing portraits.

Here is Brett's original post:

'Hey guys....... I wanted to share this with you. I got it today. There is an artist here in Portland who is amazing! He does all kinds of portraits and has been an artist 18/20 years. He is very reasonable and this looks JUST LIKE my kids. I actually emailed him separate pics of each of them and he put them into one portrait. You never have to personally meet him..... as everything can be done by Txt/ Email. Please contact me if you are interested. I am showing the Portrait as well as the two pics he used.'

Brett has since been swamped by fellow daxie fans who wanted Li Tie's contact details, so I am putting them here as a permanent record for everyone to see.

When you contact Li, please make sure you let him know that Brett Penn sent you! Thank you very much and enjoy your future artworks.

Li's Studio

Portraits by Li Tie

Tel: 503-620-5679


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