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The day we fell in love with Dachshunds

15 years ago our son Tom was a 9 year old having his annual summer sports day at school and Nic and myself attended. As we walked on to the games field, Tom ran up to us and said 'Come quick and see this lovely dog!' We approached and saw what we now know was a Standard, Wirehaired male, a mixture of gold and grey and with the most fantastic character-filled face and very friendly.

He was called Percy and we were absolutely smitten.

But . . . we lived in a 3-storey townhouse that was all stairs, narrow and steep, including stairs up from the street and out the back we had to go upstairs to the garden. So we reluctantly agreed that we wouldn't get our dachshund until we moved to a more sensible house that was safer for any dog, let alone daxies with their low-slung undercarriage!

Three and a half years ago we moved to a bungalow, with a dog flap straight out the back to a garden on the same level and 3 weeks after moving in we started our search for our long-awaited furry friend. After a few weeks we finally found a breeder, fairly local, that had a standard wirehaired bitch getting ready to whelp and on September 8th, 2013 we went and picked up our Twiglet.

We had waited 11 years for this girl and we were not disappointed.

Here is Twiglet at 8 weeks old and also today <3 She is an absolute joy and I can't imagine now how we held out for so long, without a dachshund in our lives.

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