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Multiple Updates - incl. new photos added to Gallery

New photos added to Gallery of our furry friends.

New photos added to Celebrities section - check out the Texas Rangers.

New expert information link in the Health section - from WSAVA (World Small Animals Veterinary Association) Vaccination Guidelines Group paper.

Article from BVOA (British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association) explaining the technical medical details of IVDD. A bit wordy, but perfect explanation of the nitty-gritty details for the techically minded amongst us.

Additional notes on Garlic and Mushrooms in Feeding section. Not as poisonous as many bloggers would have you believe. Unfortunately this perfectly illustrates that there are a lot of urban-myths and untruths flying around the interweb, that just get passed on by web media sites as gospel truth, without questioning the reality of the claims, and also exactly why I set-up this site. I rest my case, m'lud!

New product added to sales page - a USB rechargeable glow-in-the-dark collar, ideal for those dark evening winter walks.

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