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Are the Precursors of Phosphine Gas (Deadly Poison) an Ingredient of Dog Food?

In the course of research for an article on dog food, I came across this piece by Susan Thixton, petcare advocate, author and blogger on TruthAboutPetFood website. Information on the site is backed-up by Dr Cathy Alinovi DVM and Dr Michael W Fox DVM - both practising veterinary doctors in the USA.

In summary, it is questioning the premise, backed up by admissions from an anonymous employee of Mars Petcare and the company themselves (the largest pet food manufacturer in the world) that Aluminium Phosphide is routinely added to pet foods. Aluminium phosphide is a rodent poison regularly used to kill mice and rat infestations and works either by adding to bait, or by adding to water to create phosphine gas, which is deadly to all species, including humans. Other similar chemicals also used as a rodenticide/fumigant are zinc phosphide and calcium phosphide.

If there is any truth (yet to be proven) that this chemical is added to certain petfoods, even in miniscule amounts, then we are poisoning our pets.

This is a story that will be watched closely and we will report back with any updates as and when they become available.

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